Orioles Trade of for Mark Reynolds

12/6/2010 10:49:34 PM
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Yea, he holds the three highest strikeout totals in mlb history(which is amazing), but he sure does pack alot of power. He should be able to sell a few more tickets this upcoming season.

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the o's are absolutely desperate for a power bat. the power is there and then maybe you hope your hitting coach can help with Ks at least a little bit. plus reynolds can also dh in the AL. im not saying this is a great trade but there is upside.

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dont think we gave very much up. josh bell is horrendous and im glad we replaced him. definitely not major league caliber at this point. worries me that reynolds strikes out more than adam dunn though. I hope he can raise that home run total at camden yards. orioles are a joke though. Angelos = Snyder. Neither will ever win with them at the helm of their respective teams.

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