SJC Loses

9/7/2019 6:54:19 AM
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St. Joe's Prep 34, St. John's 30

There goes the SJC undefeated season and national championship. Maybe Kevin Plank can fly in some last minute recruits to save the season. LOL. 

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How good is St. Joe's Prep? Nationally ranked? 

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St. Joes is very good.  Top 10 in the nationonzaga.  St. Johns has more raw talent than Gonzaga.  But something is a miss.  St Johns might be the most talented team in the nation.  But thats not good enough.  If they dont bring it against Gonzaga...they will lose.  I give Gonzaga the edge in this game.  Williams is going to start in the NFL if he doesnt get hurt. 

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I think Gonzaga has more time together as a team (less transfers). It makes a big difference in the big games when you can trust the brothers around you. SJC will be good obviously this year, but expect more loses. 

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St. John's v. Gonzaga. Its going to be a hell of a game.  It's got to be on ESPN right?

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I think what makes you a better football team is playing better talent week in and week out.  SJC has some very good players from right here in the DMV.  They are playing an aggressive schedule to prepare themselves for the WCAC schedule. They play Duncaville this week also nationally ranked and then bring it back here for some seriously tough football against Mater Dei who puts it together every year.   SJC versus Gonzaga is always a game even in down years....this year shouldnt be any different. 

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St. Johns might have the toughest schedule in the nation.  If they go 9-3...they had a very good season.  10-2 would be amazing.  11-1?  Might still finish top 2 in the national polls.  But who really gives a shit about that.  Going to be some amazing games.  Cant wait to see how they respond.  Littleton is a beast.  

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I appreciate what they are trying to do.  But if anything, I think they have “overscheduled”.

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